The Journey: Day 6

Day 5
Known as "The Little Paris" for its late-into-the-night offers and eclectic culture, Bucharest doesn't fall behind on the luxury market either. From Romanian premium brands, to world famous ones you can find just about anything, with a good local twist.
What was originally a controversial decision of the Mayor turned out to be a real success. Introduced with tourists in mind, the open-top double deckers soon become attractive to the locals as well - you can't beat a tour of Bucharest on a nice evening.
The last day of this wonderful adventure is dedicated to “Little Paris”, as Bucharest is also called. You can tour the city on open-top double decker buses, indulge in horseriding or golf, or go on a shopping spree – Bucharest is rather well stocked in luxury items. 

Your driver and concierge will take you to the airport at your time of choice, and the wheels of the airplane bumping into the body will be your return to reality, from a dream you will not easily, if ever, forget.