The Journey: Day 4

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The day starts around the mountainous pass to Transylvania, where we go for a ride in a very versatile resort, allowing all sorts of healthy fun - ziplining, trekking, paragliding or rapeling. Even those less into sports will find it refreshing and relaxing. 
Even if the name suggests it, there's nothing gloomy about the church. It's simply black, and it features one of Europes best preserved classical pipe organs, which will be played for us in a private concert.
Another one of Ceausescu's dreams, the Transfagarasan is a mountain road that goes up and down the 2000+ meter high Fagaras mountains, uniting Wallachia and Transylvania. We take a couple of Italian supercars and let you indulge in zooming on the circuit-like turns of the best road in the world.
While it might well be the purpose of our journey, it's merely a destination on the fourth day. The Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle, will host a private medieval party, with reenactments, traditional food, music and stories about times past. We will also spend the night at the Count's.
The fourth day is adventure day. Right after breakfast, we're heading towards the adrenaline destinations – mountain parks where you can experience the best in sports and fun – zipline, climbing, bungee jumping, rapelling or paragliding. 

After a brief dose of morning refresh, we head towards the city of Brasov, where after visiting the perfectly preserved historical center, the Black Church will host a private concert on one of Europe's most famous pipe organs. 

The adrenaline returns, this time with more horsepower. After being airlifted by private helicopters, you will get to choose between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini and drive it on the best road in the world, as Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear called it. We guarantee those will be the 90 kilometers you'll always remember. 

Right after the echo of the engines fades, be prepared for another kind of echo. We will finally be arriving at our destination, the renowned and haunted Bran Castle, Dracula's own. Perched atop a steep rockface, surrounded by pine forests, the castle was home to Vlad Tepes, renowned for his swift delivery of justice, in the form of spikes driven through felons. Legend says that during his lifetime, one could leave his bag of gold in the middle of the road, and find it there the next day. The bloody punishments quickly build on his nickname - “Dracul” or “The Devil”. You can be excited – or horrified – to find out we're going to spend the night at the castle! Its notoriety and historical past led to its real estate value to soar, Forbes magazine evaluating it at 140 million dollars, the most expensive in Europe, and second worldwide. After check-in, get ready to experience your most memorable Halloween (by the Transylvanian calendar). The evening will feature theme shows and a Romanian Medieval dinner, started the traditional way – those of you willing to witness something unseen in the West may want to take part in the lamb sacrifice performed by local sheep herders. The menu will feature mutton and calf spit roasts, which will be served as they cook, Romanian traditional food, including the weirder part of blood sausages and cured pig's fat and, of course, whole barrels of wine. 

The night will end with the story of Dracula being retold by actors – or we hope it will end that way. We don't know what the Count has in store for us...