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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s concert in Romania (August 16 ) gathered a crowd of 35,000 who came to see the two-hour show and listen to one of the best known singers of the moment. The crowd looked a lot like the singer on stage, many of her fans wore Lady Gaga like costumes. Some of them, underage, who had free entrance, came together with their parents.

Lady Gaga switched characters and outfits during the show in front of the People’s Palace: she wore a red dress reminding of her famous dress made of meat while dancing between carcasses, she played a piano installed on a motorbike, she moved around a Gothic castle installed in the middle of the scene. She was a Statue of Liberty, she rode mythical horses, and wore a ram mask.

During the show, she admitted she had to go backstage to throw up, as she didn’t want the audience to see it. “It happens to me sometimes,” she said.  But she continued as if nothing had happened, placing a tiara on her head and playing the piano. After the concert, she needed medical care. Two ambulances arrived after the concert.

Lady Gaga sang some of her most famous songs, “Just Dance”, “Judah”, ‘Born this way’. She ended the evening with the song ‘Edge of Glory’, after which the enthusiastic crowd called for an encore.

Bucharest was the second city in Lady Gaga’s European tour, after Sofia. Her next gig will be in Vienna.

The singer shot to fame in less than three years, after launching hits like Poker Face and Bad Romance. Her outrageous style has won acclaim and stirred controversy, including dubbing her the Anti-Christ. In Romania too, before her concert, local businessman and politician Gigi Becali said she is the Anti-Christ and opposed her coming to the country.

Lady Gaga has given Grammy Awards and sold over 23 million copies of her albums. She was included in the Top 100 most influential people in the world, published by Time.